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We use hearing as a vehicle to reflect caring and imporve the lives of individuals, families and communities around the world, by helping them reach their full potential.





Associated Hearing was founded in 1975 with the vision of providing highest quality patient care, a full range of hearing instruments at affordable prices, and up-to-date technologies to ensure quality consultations. We hold true to that commitment each and every day. We understand that for many, visiting a hearing health professional can be a stressful experience. Our comfortable surroundings and compassionate professionals will ease your fears.




  Maico Diagnostics: For 75 years MAICO has been an innovator in hearing screening instruments. From screening audiometers for school nurses to complex diagnostic instruments for in-depth examinations, MAICO provides novel and efficient tools for hearing professionals.



People First is our commitment to empower people through insight and innovation.

Our insight: People insight forms the starting point of everything we do.

Our promise: To empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively. That’s what People First is all about.

Our commitment: Our passion to empower people drives us to consistently set new standards in hearing care.

We invite hearing care professionals and end-users the world over to an ongoing dialogue.




"Hearing is Our Concern".  Starkey Hearing Technologies is much more than the hearing aids we produce.  We are in the business of connecting people and changing lives.  We believe being able to hear the world and the people around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing.

As a world leader in manufacturing and delivering advanced hearing solutions, our goal is to bring people together and make lives richer by empowering individuals to reach their full potential in life.

In 1967, William F. Austin founded our company with the simple premise, "Alone we can't do much.  Together, we can change the world."  We live that vision every day - and it's why with every Starkey Hearing Technologies' product purchased, we donate to the Starkey Hearing Foundation to help more people in need around the world receive the gift of hearing.  To date we have given over 1 million hearing aids to people around the world.





Operation Round Up (ORU) is one way MVEC (Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative) members work together to make a difference. By rounding up their monthly electric bill to the nearest whole dollar, that extra change of 1¢ to 99¢ adds up and is used to fund requests by local charitable organizations.

Here’s how it works. If your bill is $75.22, it is rounded up to $76.00 – the extra 78¢ goes to the Operation Round Up Trust Fund. Multiply all that extra change by the thousands of generous MVEC members who participate and it makes a BIG difference in our local communities.

This unique program has provided funds for purchasing various items for local fire departments, women’s shelters, groups serving youth, medical equipment for those in need, donations to food shelves and many other worthwhile causes.





ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design with solid technology - all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users 





The University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is part of the Department of Horticultural Science within the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota. Our mission is to provide a community and national resource for horticultural and environmental information, research and public education; to develop and evaluate plants and horticultural practices for cold climates; and to inspire and delight all visitors with quality plants in well-designed and maintained displays, collections, model landscapes, and conservation areas.





Advanced Bionics is a global leader in developing the most advanced cochlear implant systems in the world. Acquired by Sonova Holding AG and working with Phonak since 2009, AB develops cutting-edge cochlear implant technology that restores hearing to those with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

With operations in over 50 countries and a track record for developing high-performing, state-of-the-art products, AB’s talented, group of technologists and professionals are driven to succeed, work with integrity, and stay firmly committed to quality while delivering unmatched customer service.




Locher Bros., Inc. is a family owned beer distributor that has been  located in Green Isle since 1939.  We cover all or parts of 21 counties in central Minnesota.  Locher Bros is  celebrating their 75th year in business!




At Cochlear, it's out mission to help people head and be heard.

We empower people to connect with others and live a full life.  We help transform

the way people understand and treat hearing loss.  We innovate

and bring to market a range of implantable hearing solutions that

deliver a lifetime of hearing outcomes.





White Earth Nation supports the Native American tradition of giving back to the community through donations to local events and organizations. Shooting Star is proudly owned and successfully operated by the White Earth Nation.






Williams Sound is a global designer and manufacturer of wireless communication technology, serving personal and professional listening needs worldwide since 1976. Williams Sound systems for consumers include small-area Loop, Digi-Wave™ Personal Communication, Pocketalker® Personal Amplifier, Motiva® Personal FM, and TV TalkerTM TV Listening. Williams Sound also offers products for such commercial markets as hearing assistance, language interpretation, tour, corporate, education, government and house of worship. Commercial system offerings include large-area Loop, Digi-Wave™ Digital Communication, Personal PA® FM Listening, Portable Hearing Assistance Tour Guide, SoundPlus® Infrared and Hearing Helper® FM Listening.






Hunting.  Fishing.  Gathering.  Amid deep lakes, wild rice fields, majestic maple trees, and wild and bountiful berries, the Ojibwe thrived in the mid-1700s, following the cycle of the seasons.  A profound respect for nature was instilled in every child. 

Pressures from non-Indian culture led to hardship and poverty, but the Ojibwe worked hard towards a better future.

In 1988, the Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act helped those dreams become a reality.  The Mille Lacs Band opened Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley in 1991 and 1992, creating thousands of jobs and generating revenues that benefit the Band, it’s nearly 3,600 members, and its non-Indian neighbors.

Casino revenues have helped the Mille Lacs Band build and improve schools, health care facilities, community centers, a water treatment facility, roads, ceremonial buildings, and more.  Millions of dollars have also been donated to food shelves, schools, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations that serve the entire community.  The casinos have also attracted new residents to the area, boosted tourism, and created dozens of new businesses across the region.






The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss. HLAA provides assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss. HLAA is working to eradicate the stigma associated with hearing loss and raise public awareness about the need for prevention, treatment, and regular hearing screenings throughout life.